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Once auDA become the Registry, in terms of Netfleet remaining as a drop-catcher...

  • I like Netfleet and want them to continue their existing model with the new Registry.

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When auDA have made the transition to take over the entire Registry system for themselves, I am making a motion that they REVOKE NETFLEET'S CONTRACT to operate as a drop-catcher. Have your say!


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There's not a contract to operate as a drop catcher as such is there? They are just a registrar that built a system that registers domains super fast after expiry. No extra licence needed, just the skills.

Andrew Wright

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Hi Robert,
They are a registrar as far as auDA is concerned - there are no drop catcher licences.
If you have issues with the registrations you have made via Netfleet, complain to auDA on the basis that they are a registrar.


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Yes, revoke their registrar contract. Same thing as far as I'm concerned . . . revoke for breaching multiple auDA policy rules . . . including holding onto domain names for 17 days, etc... and as of this moment, 5 days and counting with one of my names...


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It is a fair argument (have never liked them) but are Netfleet at fault in this instance?


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What sort of a question is that? Holding on to a domain name for 17 days is not their fault in this instance? Are you literally just fishing me or what? If so, save it for April fools day.


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It is a fair argument (have never liked them) but are Netfleet at fault in this instance?
They are Snoopy. Whilst Robert does get a bit emotive, I think we'd all be pissed if this happened to one of our domains for such a long period. And it's not just him that it's happened to.

But once again, communication does solve things Robert. I have offered to set you up with your own batphone. ;) Whether you or your pride agree with this or not, if you and Nikki cleared the air and started with a clean slate, everyone will be a winner. Imho.

Crap happens at every registrar - and sometimes it can also take a while to sort things out. I speak from experience as a domainer - and as a past registrar . As a professional domainer for the last 10 years, I've made it my business to know how to contact the right people at every organization I deal with.

"It's not what you know; it's who you know".

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