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Data Glasses

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Used to go to Bridgewater a few years ago, nice part of the country!
Probably about 70 or so Kms further North than where I was (Warburtons Bridge Campsite) The river is closer to a fast flowing creek where I was ..... but great to hear and see nature at work. Although no good fro the Tech Heads ..... as it's in between two hills and reception is dodgy!

Data Glasses

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Forgot my butane gas can fold out cook top so I had to use a Lixada Fold out wood stove (small) Every time I cooked there was soot on everything!! Used an element with the battery box to make a cuppa, worked well but sometimes tripped the overload switch on the battery box. Solution, turn fridge off while boiling water for a cuppa. Two Lithium batteries failed and I will go back to my Agm's that I know will work until run down (not good to do that) but at least they are reliable.

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