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Hello Everyone - New Seller

Hello everybody!
My name is Dylan and I am here looking to learn more about selling domains, as well as to sell off some of my domain names I have been collecting these for a number of years. The domains I own have been gained by a combination of previous personal projects, client projects that didn't eventuate and domains that dropped that I thought would be worth acquiring.

I am looking to offload these domains as I am moving onto new things and the added expenses of renewals are just not worth it to me at this time. I guess it's also like the car collectors with rust buckets in their yard "I'll get to building it one day" just really isn't feasible with the amount of time I have and with the number of domains I would want to do that with.

I have 23 domains to sell, two of those being .com and the other 21 being .com.au TLD's - what is the best way for me to go about listing them for sale and how should they be displayed? With pricing next to them etc?
On top of that, I don't really have pricing at this time, am I allowed to be open to offers on this platform?

Thank you all, I hopefully look forward to talking to some of you!

P.S. As a shameless plug, I am currently employed as a graphic designer and marketer, but I am starting to build what I would like to call a creative agency in my spare time outside of my 9 to 5 with the hopes of having a consistent income in time for when I move overseas with my partner (she's Canadian) and live there for a while, so if you need any design or marketing services, let me know.


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Welcome Dylan.
If you haven't already, start by setting up a parking/for sale page for each of your domains, using a site such as Bodis.com


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Welcome Dylan.

First this is figure out if they are worth anything. Post them up in the appraisal forum. 99% of names are not worth anything beyond a couple of dollars so find out that before spending time trying to sell them.
Thank you for the welcome guys,
I do have them parked currently at dan.com

I will post the list in appraisals now - thank you once again!

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