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Friday Funnies 2017


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so here it is, i am personally thankful to see the end of it. so here;s a start.
you know you have a sh*t domain when you let it drop and nobody picks it up



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i was reading a thread under a youtube video and this guy mispelt most words and someone bagged him, he came back with " my first language is dutch" ...a nice come back.

so from now on my typos are " my first language is irish "


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i invent word games to play in the car with the kids, just to get them thinking "outside the box"
so i createed a game called " great domain names" (kinda along the lines of the thread ......what were they thinking.... but with out the dirty words )

so my 10yr ruby thought of a domain name for a restaurant.
"you will eat what we give you.com.au "

great name, my first thought was seinfelds "soup nazi" , next was a chinese restaurant i went to in london, this restaurant NEVER took bookings, you just showed up, if you were a party of 4 it didn't matter because as a CHAIR became available you got seated THUS you NEVER got to sit with your freinds, a table of 8 was a table of 8 people who didn't know each other !!!

you can just imagine me at a table of 7 unknowns !

it was a GREAT restuarant and always full 24/7 in @ piccadilly circus.



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LOL, if you mouse stops on your computer screen, check this........... are you using a wireless mouse? as that computer malfunction rest may just be your mouse having a flat battery ! DOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

i surely can't be the only person who has done that?

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