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Water Damage .....Ummm

Data Glasses

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Does anyone know if a usb stick will be cactus if subjected to water, I discovered a water leak and it half filled a container with usb sticks in it. I have turned them upside down to drain onto a paper towel. And no I do not have a hair dryer ..... you would know why if you have seen me lately!

Data Glasses

Top Contributor
Cat Litter - containing 100% Silica gel crystals, available from any Coles/Woolies, absorbs moisture.
Some of the Doomsday Prepper shops sell the Silica for the people to store their food over a long period of time. I have only tried one of the Usb's and it worked. I had done a computer backup on that day so if worse had come to worse I would have been ok. I will check a few more tomorrow but pleased to think I am ok, thanks!

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