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Want to know if vBulletin is worth it?


During my time developing websites, I had always taken the approach of spend as little as possible and you'll therefore make it easier for yourself to make profit sooner. One thing that took me a while to learn in the world of business was you need to take the leap. One of my first leaps was deciding if i should use a free forum software such as phpBB or SMF, or to fork out for a vBulletin license.

When i first decided to buy the vBulletin license though, i was amazed at how great it was, the backend was so advanced, and the support and third party addons and modifications were vast. So now when i set up a new site focusing in a forum, i always go for a vB license. So if your looking to start a forum, or your running a free script, then I would highly recommend you fork over the cash money and take the leap, you'll be thoroughly impressed.


paulmac was actually running XennoBB (a free script, which shut down a while ago) and his forum was building up in popularity, so i persuaded him to upgrade to vB, he handed me the licence fee and i set it up for him. he has never been happier.

check out the site at http://www.dirtbiker.com.au

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as a novice when it comes to developing websites and so on , may i ask what is a license worth , and is this what this is (dntrade) ...... vb , i only ask as i have a plan to develope a site next year and i am hoping to include a forum covering about 8 subjects


no problems spacey, the licence will set you back US$180 and yes thats what this site is running. There is a huge developer network at vbulletin.org where people make all different kinds of modifications and additions to the script for different functions and such. I highly recommend it to anyone looking at creating a community.

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sounds like quite good value , i do see this layout in a few of the forums , i also go numericnameforums sometimes , this looks simular , cheers


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There is also a leased license for $US100 which lasts 1 year but then it needs to be renewed. I would definitely recommend the 'owned' version for $US180 though.

I purchased back a few years ago and while my license has laid idle for a little while now, I am starting to develop a new site and can still use my old license (but only the latest version which was out when my year of free updates expired). That's not really an issue in my books though because the version I can use is stable, safe and if I decided to purchase another year of updates it would only cost me $US60.

Even if you're just starting a forum, it's alot easier to start in VBulletin rather than start in another BB script (phpbb, invision) and convert it to vB later on!


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Someone can alert vbulletin that they suspect you are using a pirated copy. Then they might send you an email. I know this has happened with pirated IPB forums before.

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