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Twitter Facts and Figures for 2014


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Came across this article on Jeff Bullas blog today with some interesting stats so thought I'd share: http://www.jeffbullas.com/2014/04/16/15-twitter-facts-and-figures-for-2014-you-need-to-know/

15 Fast Twitter Facts
Here are some Twitter facts and figures that are worth a look.
1. A mind blowing 300 billion tweets have been sent since inception
2. Tweets with image links have 5 times the engagement rate
3. Over 20 million fake Twitter users
4. Over 241 million monthly active Twitter users
5. 184 million monthly active users using mobile
6. The cost of a 24 hour promoted trend runs about $200 thousand
7. China is the country with the most users with over 35 million
8. Katy Perry is the queen of Twitter over 51 million followers surpassing Justin
9, Number of employees at Twitter has increased to 2000+
10. 170 minutes – The average time per month spent by users on Twitter
11. 63% of brands have multiple Twitter accounts
12. YouTube is the most followed brand with over 40 million followers
13. Twitter has a market cap of about 27 billion
14. Average number of followers per twitter user is 208
15. Ellen’s photo of Hollywood stars at Oscars with an incredible 3.4 million retweets

Also cool infographic: http://www.jeffbullas.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/State-of-Twitter-2014.png

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