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Protecting a surname.com.au domain


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How would one protect the ownership of mysurname.com.au when the surname has no direct link to the business (apart from the person with the surname working for the business).
I own my domain mysurname.com.au, and used the ABN of the sole trader, who is a member of our family. It's currently only used for Email, both related to the business and personal use. It's not a common surname, there's only a handful of us in Australia, but still I feel I should protect it if I can. What's the simplest way to protect this domain?

Can I just create a landing page with some ads, relating to my name? I can't work out from the rules if this is sufficient or not, and I'm not game to ask auda.


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I have several surnames, if you want to protect your surname one way to do it it have it at a parking page like Fabulous offer.
You need to have links like the following, I have had this approved by auDA
Your Surname Family Search
Your Surname Heritage
Your Surname Family Tree
Your Surname Family Crests
Your Surname Reunions
Your Surname Ancestry


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Thank you very much Glady!

So you mean park the domain with fabulous.com, and set the keywords to the list you posted above, right?


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Just for the benefit of others who may have the same question, Fabulous now outsource their parking to parkingcrew.com, and you can enter the keywords via their website.


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I find with Parking Crew the keywords do not always show up as you have set them, Fabulous shows the keywords that you have set.


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Perhaps you have some old setting on Fabulous that still work, because they've clearly told me they don't Parking anymore, it's all been outsources to Parking Crew.

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