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Parking revenue drop


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I've had my domains parked with Fabulous for a long time and have noticed the last couple of months my revenue has dropped off per month by as much as 50%
I did send a question about this to Fabulous and they said it's all part of the ebb and flow of parking.
I was wondering if others have had the same drop in revenue.
I know they changed hands a couple of months ago which is coincidental.

Andrew Wright

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Hi Don,
I manage a portfolio using Above.com to optimise revenue. Until fairly recently Fabulous.com used to generate the lions share, but now all the revenue seems to be coming from ParkingCrew. I was wondering if it was just this portfolio, but apparently not...

Cam B

New Member
Hi guys,
Using Above for your parking is a great way to avoid running into a wall when there's an issue with a monetization provider.
Andrew's post is a good example - when the system detects a drop in revenue from one provider, it will send the traffic elsewhere in a constant effort to get you the most earnings.
If you don't yet have an Above account, feel free to reach out to me directly and I can get you started. cam@above.com

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