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Why is that?

What i meant is that with .com's, the market is so exhausted you would never generate a return by hand registering domains (cos the only available domains would have 0 visitors pa) and any bought ones wouldn't deliver anything like the revenue to justify parking.

With .au you can still find gems that will pay for themselves plus give a chance of a sale. And they will appreciate (unlike .coms) so if you can hang on to them for no income in the interim and still do OK


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How many visitors are you guys seeing before they pay for themselves? I've got some that have 50 to 100 visitors a month and earn bugger all. I've just parked with Sedo.


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Well i think if you can aim for around $50 rpm (revenue per 1,000 visitors) through parking on average that's pretty good. So in your case those 100 visitors a month should deliver $5 a month each. Sounds like chicken feed but when the holding cost is less than $1 per month it's a 500% return pa!! Multiply by 1,000 and it starts to look interesting.

Snoopy would you say that $50 rpm is typical?

Oh and move them to rookmedia too. Compared with Sedo Im getting double


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Thanks David.

I'm only getting about $10 RPM's on sedo at the moment. Barely worth it. I'll try rook media.

I don't usually park much, just put it there after I register a domain, it's good to see how much traffic a domain gets, helps prioritise which domains to develop out first.

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