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Online Marketing Sydney Conference - February 2020


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Hi all,
Just wanted to let you know about a event early next year, It’s on Monday February 10th 2020 into your calendar. We are putting on a 1 Day conference in Sydney which will be action packed with great information. We have worked hard to source some great speakers from all over the world.
The event will be focused on SEO & Growth Marketing.
✅ Jared Codling – Founder New Hack Every Week and top growth hacker.
✅ Bernard Huang Co-founder of Clearscope & Twitchmetrics(USA)
✅ Matt Diggity - Diggity Marketing & Authority Builders (Thailand/USA)
✅ Kate Toon – Founder Recipe for SEO Success
✅ Craig Campbell - SEO & Affiliate Marketing Expert (Scotland)
✅ Jeff Deutsch - SEO & Growth Marketing (USA)
✅ Dennis Graham – PPC Specialist
✅ Louisa Dahl - CEO Interactive Minds.
✅ James Norquay – SEO Director
✅ Will Wang - Growth Labz
✅ Ray Corcoran – Time Management Expert
✅ Richard Brus – Founder SERPworx plugin & SEO Professional.
✅ Dejan Mladenovski – Technical SEO (Event MC)
✅ Peter Mead – Founder of SEO Melbourne Meetup & SEO Professional.
✅ Woj Kwasi - Founder Kwasi
✅ James Richardson – Founder Optimising

We will also be having a Mastermind on the 11th and networking drinks/party in the mix as well. Tickets are only $249 via http://omsyd.com
(USE - Diggity) code for $50 off = $199

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