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Client has a website through web showroom. They have no access to files either php or css etc so converting the site to responsive is not possible. They have been told it is not possible via webshowroom.
With the mobile algo coming I really need a solution but I am not totally au fait with this kinda set up.
So they have website hosted with web showroom, Email on Microsoft exchange so I presume someone is controlling their dns. Not sure who at this stage.

Question: Is it possible to set up a mobile site i.e. m.website.com.au or just website.com.au and direct mobile traffic to this via DNS ? How is this done? It can't be as easy as an mx change can it? Would I need access to the backend at all to do this?


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i had a similar conversation with a potential new client this morning, and also just 2 hours ago with another present client, basic answer is ...... if you don't have access to things like ftp or cpanel or a wordpress/joomla/whatever admin area then GET OUT. people that use these systems in my experience are cheap and want you to fix it for next to nothing and waste your time trying.
my answer this morning to the potential client was " i can fix your problem but it has to be on my servers or i'm not touching it "
DANGER is, if you do ANYTHING and something goes wrong YOU will be the pleb that spends the time putting it back together and not getting paid.
forget about m.site.com , just grab the content they have, host it on a server with wordpress + cpanel and that gives you ftp access and then pick a mobile responsive " out of the box" template as it will move with the device viewing it.
m.site.com solution was really a "stop-gap" until good responsive themes came up to grade and now there is a million of them, m.site.com is GONE in my opinion, that method is yearsssssss behind.
the client has to bite the bullet and redo the site, done correctly it will give them another 3-5 years i suspect but who knows what the future holds?
if the client wants to push for m.site.com then seriously i would walk away.
first question you always ask is " what are the passwords " , if they don't know where the domain is registered, the ftp or the admin access then you start to add $XXX to the quote, it gives you a good idea of what you are about to find/do.

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