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I recently developed a site for tattoo's, its actually just a one page site which has a lettering generator so you can type in some text, select a size and a colour and a font and it will give u a preview of what it looks like and you can download the image to print off to take to your local tattoo parlour.

Now the problem im having is, i get a lot of traffic, but seeing as its only a one page site, page views per visitor are just over 1 per visit. What i really want to do is increase page views by adding in more content. I have put a lot of thought into galleries and forums and user generated content, though i dont think the site will do that well for that type of stuff. If i were to add some articles, what would you want to read about on a tattoo site?

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last time i looked tattooshow.tv was up for grabs , i thought showing people getting live tattoo's would have been cool , music and motor bikes seem to go hand in hand with tattoo shows , perhaps people could submit their own designs ?
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Chinese symbols are highly searched for (or were when I was looking into a tattoo web) - perhaps some popular terms and their chinese symbol counterparts- eg: strength, courage, wisdom and maybe some info on making sure the symbol says what you think it says - apparently people get something completely different to what they thought they were getting fairly regularly
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I reckon Robyn is on the right track. Articles about the symbolism and history of tattoo art across various cultures would probably go down well. And there's always the celebrity angle. People are strangely fascinated by stars and their high profile ink.

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