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Jay Ha

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My name is Jad but prefer to be called Jay in the wold wide web. I've been in Australia since last September and I only started investing in domains (mostly .COMs, no. AUs yet) one month ago. Around 30 hand regged domains in my portfolio so that's an average of 1 domain/day, planning to focus on the selling part of the business now.
Been really interested in domain investing since mid 2000's but limitations in my home country kind of held me back. Limitations include the lack of online payment methods at that time, my age (29 yrs now) and my financials, to name a few.
Now that I'm kind of settled here I thought why not start with my "lifelong passion". Very late it seems, due to those big fish that already have their hands on all the 'premium' domains, but I would still love to learn from and socialize with fellow domainers.


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Hi Jay,

Welcome! It's great to see new people getting started.

There are 138.5 million .com.au still available to hand register to catch up to the 140 million registered .com equivalents! There are more than enough "Premium" .com.au still available to hand register at low cost if you put your thinking cap on.

Also check out places like www.Netfleet.com.au www.Sedo.com www.Drop.com.au www.Afternic.com etc for many on the aftermarket.

Some good content here from Arq Group ( Previously Melbourne IT ) company called "Netfleet".

Anyone who tells you all the good .com.au names are all gone have no idea what they are talking about.
The fact 140 million .com are registered against just 3 million .com.au is proof.

Best of luck and free to post questions!

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