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Google Cans Adsense For Domains

Overnight Google has announced that it is dropping its Adsense for Domains product, which was an alternative to traditional parking. Not sure how many people here it will effect

We’re contacting you because you’re using AdSense for Domains to monetize your undeveloped domains. After evaluating the benefits of our partner network, we’ve decided to retire the Hosted domains product within AdSense. Going forward, undeveloped domains will only be served through our existing AdSense for Domains distribution network.
Our records show that 5 of your Hosted domains will be affected by this upcoming change, which will follow the schedule below:

March 21: You’ll no longer be able to create new Hosted domains
April 18: Hosted domains will become inactive and it’ll no longer be possible to earn from them
June 27: Hosted domains will no longer be available in AdSense accounts


Top Contributor
Yeah I got an email about that. Saying 23 of my domains will be affected but I'm pretty sure I never set it up in the first place!

Interesting move - I really wonder why they are doing this?

Data Glasses

Top Contributor
They now have data on your names and those that were never popular in the type in searches may be penalised down the road ?? ... just saying


Top Contributor
I don't think the service ever got popular, better off outsourced and probably not worthwhile for google to run. Conflict of interest also with other parking cos.

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