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Drop caught a domain for me recently. Normally, I would promptly receive an invoice and pay it the same day. This time I didn’t get an invoice, however, a Whois search showed me as the domain owner. I notified Drop support and received a quick response, although the issue was not resolved.

A day or two later Drop caught another domain for me. Again, no invoice arrived and this time the Whois still showed the details of the previous owner. The next day the domain went back to being available for hand registration. I notified Drop support and they confirmed that this had occurred, but that my domain was the only one affected.

Yesterday I received two invoices, with each one listing both names requiring payment. I notified Drop support and am yet to receive a response. This morning my credit card was charged for both invoices, even though I never auto pay my Drop invoices. Again, I notified Drop and am awaiting a response.

Since then I have received another two invoices from Drop, with each one listing both of the same domains as requiring payment. Drop have been notified. All the invoices have had different invoice numbers. I have now removed my credit card details from my Drop account so hopefully they won’t be able to auto bill me for these invoices as well.

My experience has been that Cam is a star when it comes to customer service and fixing problems, so I’m not blaming him for these issues. I have used Drop many times in the past and nothing like this has ever happened before. The fact that it coincides with new owners taking over the business is concerning and I certainly won’t be trusting them with my business until they give me reason to do so.


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Thanks to Katherine for resolving this issue. I have just been informed that all the invoices have been fixed, refunded and canceled where necessary. The explanation for the problem is that the techs were running some tools which caused duplicate invoices.


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we all F up, good to here it got solved.

i use this word with my kids " intent" , my daughter dropped my phone and broke the screen, did she mean to? no, there was no malice intent, so no need to yell and scream......it just happened.
scott7 you got the solution through good communication from both sides.



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The next day the domain went back to being available for hand registration.
I was mistaken about this. The domain was held by Drop the whole time. Sorry.
Katherine has done a great job in sorting everything out for me.

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