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Drop $10 Dutch Auctions - Perfect for low contested domain names


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Just in case you missed it, Drop offers after the main drop auction, a Dutch style reverse auction for low contested names starting at $25 and all the way down to just $10 inc GST for expiring domains.

The Reverse Auction for domain names start right after the end of the main domain auction and start with a Buy Now price of $25 inc. GST and the price reduces down by $1 every 30 seconds till the price drops to only $10 inc GST.

As soon as a domain is ordered, it is removed from the list for all other clients. The list of such names is kept private so only the winning buyer will see the names that have been ordered via the Dutch Auctions.

These domains are added to our Drop catch tech and are caught for clients as soon as they become available.


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I big update on the Dutch Auctions... the $10 price is now extended till 12:58 pm right before the PD drop time.

A great way to save and pick up domains that are not overly contested.

Keep in mind the names ordered via the Dutch Auctions are then hidden from anyone else to order. So it is very much a 1st come, 1st served.

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