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Direct .au domain names; what are the restrictions


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Hi all

I just wanted to ask what the imposed restrictions are in owning the direct .au domain, as opposed to the existing .com.au, net.au ones. I do know it’s less, but what exact restrictions are there with the new domains being launched in 2022.
Also, when applying for category 1 or 2, once registered, is there still anything tying it to the legacy domain? (As far as restrictions go)

thanks in advance..


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The only eligibility requirement for registrants of a direct .au domain name is having an Australian presence. Pertinent excerpt below from the .au Domain Administration Rules: Licensing

2.4.3 A Person applying for a licence in the .au direct namespace must have an Australian presence and .au direct domain names will be allocated according to the Priority allocation process set out in the .au Direct Priority Rules.

To apply for priority allocation, the applicant must hold an eligible license that is an exact match of the direct .au domain name that they wish to apply for.

Depending on how rigorously priority applications are screened, this could see a lot of dodgy licenses in .id.au and .org.au not being allowed to apply for priority allocation.

Once the priority application process is over, registrants that were allocated direct .au domain names will be subject to the single eligibility requirement I mentioned above (Australian presence). Once a direct .au domain name is registered, there will be no ongoing link to the qualifying domain name used in the priority allocation process (assuming it is allocated and not subject to competing applications of course).

The rules for priority allocation are outlined here: https://www.auda.org.au/policy/auda-rules-au-direct-priority-implementation


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So in layman’s terms; Provided that you meet the eligibility requirement to hold a direct .au, once you obtain this domain, you are free to do with direct .au as you see fit!..


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Correct Erwin,

as .au does not require an ACN/ABN/TM means that it opens up its use to anything you like.

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