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I was just wondering how others have set up their company structures. I am going through the set up of one now, it is a partnership with my brother, and its being set up so it has the Company, then the Companies Trust (Unit Trust) and then my brothers trust, and my trust each own one unit of the Unit Trust.

I was advised that this is one of the best ways to set it up if im looking at long term high profits. Even though the accounting costs are a lot higher, it will actually be a lot safer, and cheaper in the long run.

So i ask, how have you set up your company structures?


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We have set up 3 different companies and 2 separate unit trusts at this stage. We may be looking at another company soon to spread the load. Yes, you do have more upfront fees however if you have it all set up 'right' from the beginning the easier it will be in the long term. We have engaged lawyers and accountants and I can safely say that it has paid off to date.

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