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auDA about policy change


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Sorry if there is already a thread going about this, I couldn't find it.

What's everyone's thoughts on this?

Netfleet wrote:

Hi Domainers,

The Policy Review Panel have made recommendations to auDA about policy changes. These changes will impact your right to own and sell domain names.

auDA is asking for public feedback on the recommendations, submissions close at 5pm today.

The current recommendations aren't a reflection on auDA's views. auDA wants public feedback on the recommendations and will decide whether to adopt them based on their internal discussions, expert advise and sumbissions made by the public.

Policy reform recommendations that impact you:
Item 3.3 "Resale and warehousing", pages 8 & 9 - can't own more than 100 domain names not directly related to the registrant's business or sell more than 6 domain names in a 6 month period. Registrants should not buy domain names for the sole purpose of "warehousing".
Item 3.5 "Domain monetisation", pages 11 & 12 - domain monetisation should no longer be a basis for eligibility
Link to recommendations document

.au or not? If so, how?
The above document also covers recommendations about direct registrations. auDA engaged with 3rd party organisations to conduct market research and analysis on if direct registrations are wanted and what it means. All documents are available in the link below. The recommendation is to introduce direct registrations (.au domain names), and there are recommendations on policies around implementing this new namespace.

You can read the reco mmendations and submit feedback here:

This is the last round of public consultation on these matters. If you have something to say about these issues please lodge your submission by 5pm today.

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