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I picked this up by chance a few months ago. Was very surprised to find it available.
I think it could be a great domain for some kind of telecommuncation product or service.
What do you guys think?

Data Glasses

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In the current climate it may be a handy name that would need to be developed for best value, I'm giving it two black bananas out of five, good luck

Data Glasses

Top Contributor
Nice brandable. You never know with those types of names, but worth holding.
Agree the "y" at the end is hand"y" .... interesting to consider "foodie or selfie' as a variant of spelling .. new world verse old. Ok I am willing to suggest two and a half black bananas ..... although compared to "chat" it is amazing how one letter changes everything, once again good luck


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It sounds good but I don't think it has a high chance of finding an enduser. Would a company in this area want to limit themselves to only one country? It does sound decent for a hand reg though. If you had a few hundred similar name of similar quality I think it could generate 1-2 enduser sales a year of example.

3 black bananas.

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