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Sedo Upcoming LLLL/Com Auction

Data Glasses

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On the 16th of September there is a specific seven day long Sedo LLLL/Com Auction
The following two .Com Domains have been accepted to be included.
MrVg.Com is registered at Dynadot until 11th November 2022 and has a few handy acronym variations. "Mr" Mister / Mixed Reality plus the "Vg" is handy for Video / Game / Guide or Virtual / Game / Guide
Arvn.com is registered at Dynadot until the 3rd of March 2022 and also has some cool variations. "Av" Audio Visual .. "Vr" is of course short for Virtual Reality. The N at the end is useful for News / Network
Low Reserve to get the auction started!

Data Glasses

Top Contributor
Ok three hours to go, interesting batch of names with only a few standouts. Still there is some enthusiasm, which is good overall.

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