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Facebook AU News Ban


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FB haven't got the best track record when it comes to ethics, but this was a pretty big move, the "mistakes" aside.

If there's an upside, it shows businesses and communities that they're at the mercy of any platform they don't own or control. There are many cases of people losing their social accounts, which was their primary web/Internet presence. I think this is the just the start of the discussion, but one that needs to happen.


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Building a business that relies on any social media platform, or any platform for that matter (free or paid), is not necessarily a bad idea, it's simply a calculated risk.

If FB pulled the plug tomorrow completely, it would be an immaterial change, the world doesn't need FB.


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Without going into the political reasons that started all of this....
Massive power play by Facebook... Took out many non-news pages. Many of which were gov, health, education, small businesses, critical services (like domestic violence) and more.

It's been interesting to see the publics pivot to other platforms or ways of getting the "news". ABC NEWS app has become position #1 in the Google Play store. Recommendations to bring back RSS feed readers. Facebook friends are flooding their feeds with screenshots of articles and complaints about how they can't link to the article directly.

It's also been interesting to see the community managers and business owners band together to try to get their pages back and sharing tips on how to start building communities on "owned" platforms and "diversified" platforms.

Will be interesting to see if more businesses build their own websites and if there is an increase in .com.au domains in the coming months...

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Will Facebook become the new MySpace ....... forgotten. At least Google seemed willing to compromise their spy activity


I remember when there was PicturePoll and then MySpace, Facebook etc etc they all come and go


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Let’s be honest, it’s always going to favour Facebook. It’s their turf & for your free access to their platform things must be ‘paid’ for.

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